About Me

Professional Projects

Gunnihilation – Steam Release

A fast, chaotic bullet hell platformer designed for four player cooperative play. Winner of Green Man Gaming’s “Best UK Game in Show” at Gamescom 2015. Created in Unity3D and released on Steam in September 2016. I was the lead designer and sole programmer.

Additional notes on Gunnihilation’s level design

Tile Based Level editor

Tile based level editor with a custom written autopainting system which outputs map files saved as XML. Created originally to build levels for my Flash projects, I later ported it to Unity and integrated it into Gunnihilation.

Gunnihilation Prototype

The prototype of Gunnihilation, created in Flash. Originally created to gain feedback on it’s gameplay, it was expanded on when I joined Robo Pixel Games. Later it used to successfully pitch for funding to create the full version of Gunnihilation in Unity3D.

Play now on Newgrounds (PC only, requires Flash)

Personal Projects

Dogs of War

Created after i graduated from university as an entry into a mapping competition, with the challenge of creating an oldschool deathmatch level with stock assets.

Quake Single player Campaign

A Quake 1 single player campaign I have been building for some years in my spare time.