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Dogs of War – Unreal Tournament 3 Deathmatch Level


Dogs of War is a UT3 deathmatch map made for a week long mapping competition. The brief was to create an ‘Oldschool’ deathmatch map using stock assets shipped with Unreal Tournament 3. For this project I went very oldschool and based my design on two popular maps from Quake 1, “The Bad Place” and “Aerowalk”.

My goal was to create a map that was tight, highly interconnected, very vertical and had few long lines of sight to encourage close in fighting:

Main Atrium – branches off on multiple levels to each of the side rooms:

Main atrium – One of the few long lines of sight:

Main Atrium – The Shield Belt, a much prized item, is in a small nook behind a jump over damaging slime. The item is placed low down and very exposed. Players on the high ground must sacrifice safety to get it:

Helmet armour area – The helmet item can be reached either via the spiral stairs behind it, or by a quick wall-jump off the windows.

Helmet armour area – Connecting corridors have angles and kinks to block sight between each area.

Helmet armour area –

Below ground area – where the sniper rifle was hidden.

Flak cannon area – Contains one of only two routes from the bottom level straight to the top. However the player is inviting attack from anyone else in the room, above or below.

Flak cannon area. Those going for the Flak cannon area given some protection from attack via the pillars.

Body armour area – Where you would land after taking the bounce pad from┬áthe Flak area, leading out to the main atrium or down to the sniper rifle area underground. To grab the armour players must double jump or wall jump from the sides. Doing it from the current camera position was the harder jump to pull off.

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